The Heartland Institutional Board fees are based on the nature and complexity of the proposed research or program evaluation.

SUBJECT: Fee schedule statement
Effective July 1, 2018

Heartland Institutional Review Board (HIRB) is a commercial IRB comprised of experienced researchers from a variety of disciplines who are dedicated to finding solutions through research and evaluation processes.

Our goal is to offer expert review of research and program evaluation protocols and instruments while providing our clients with clear and informative feedback to ensure compliance with regulations for ethical treatment of human subjects.

Our primary purpose is to protect the rights of human subjects as it pertains to research and program evaluation in the social sciences and program evaluation. Using our electronic submission system, HIRB offers expert review of protocols and instruments within a 15-business day turnaround time; providing an approval letter within 8 hours of the committee's approval.
  • The initial fee for a project review is $875.
  • Annual renewals will be $275.
  • There is no additional charge for participants and sites added to the study once the study has commenced. However, HIRB must be notified in writing of each added site, and this notification must be accompanied by an approval letter from the site's supervisor. There will also be no fee for additional researchers or changes to PI.
  • There will be a per occurrence fee for revisions in the protocol; revision to instruments; revision to consent/assent forms; revision to research study informational documents. That fee is $150.
  • Any modifications made during the annual renewal will be covered by the stated $275 renewal fee.
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