There are several web sites available for you to review human subjects research information. See our Links tab for these websites. You may also use our own HIRB Policy and Researcher Guide.

Heartland IRB: happy young adults

Before your paperwork can be reviewed, you must take HIRB’s research certification assessment. This assessment merely covers basic research protocol and human subjects regulations. Successfully completing this assessment assures HIRB that you are capable of protecting human subjects during your research project or program evaluation.

We suggest you review the materials we have on our website as well as some of the informative links prior to taking HIRB’s assessment. You must receive a minimum score of 80% before HIRB will process your project paperwork. As soon as you have completed the assessment, you will receive your score. If you do not receive a passing score, we suggest you go back to the informational links and our Researcher’s Guide to review before taking the assessment again.

If you receive a passing score, a certificate will be emailed to you and a user account will automatically be established from the user identification, email account and password used to initiate your assessment.

Click to begin your HIRB Research Assessment Test. (English / Español)