Heartland IRB reviews research protocols and program evaluation plans on a weekly basis. Our online submission process is simple and easy to use.

Follow the steps below to submit your project for review:

Heartland IRB: school children

Step 1: Review information on the Heartland IRB website.

Step 2: Take the Heartland IRB Certification Assessment offered on this website. You can also find it in the Certification section under the Registration tab.

Step 3: Go to Forms and use the Online Checklist to determine the forms you will need for your project

Step 4: Download the indicated fillable Heartland IRB forms to your desktop.

Step 5: Complete the forms on your desktop.

Step 6: Go to Submit Your IRB Forms and follow the directions to submit your forms online.

Step 7: Check your email account for your receipt of documentation email from Heartland IRB.